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PARDEN’s is a contemporary brand based in Puglia focusing his research on a modern use of colors and prints.
It was established in 2016 in order to respond to the needs of global fashion markets by offering distinctive design trademark products inspired by the aesthetic, values and lifestyle of the top global luxury brands at a contemporary fashion segment price range.
PARDEN’s collection is firmly linked to italian culture, especially to the region of Apulia, made in Italy, craftmanship and modern silhouettes. PARDEN’s offers a new meaning of elegance to cosmopolitan women in search for sophisticated yet contemporary clothing. Classic shapes are reinvented through a fresh and young approach, focusing on versatility and wearability.
The visual identity of the brand is the “pumo”, a typical pottery sculpture from apulian tradition, used to decorate baroque palaces and linked to pomona goddess, an ancestral symbol of femminity, and to the idea of endless growning. it is the company logo, It appears on the prints and it inspires the original shape of the collars and the pockets.


PARDEN’s women are sophisticated, elegant and refined, yet modern and cosmopolitan.
They express themselves through coherent style choices reflecting a strong and personal point of view. They are fashion- savvy and not fashion victims. A minimal yet experimental-on-material approach reflects a self confident and curious personality.
PARDEN’s women are open to the unexpected: their journey towards sophistication is unpredictable. Their vision about colors and shapes is quirky and avant-grade yet classy and timeless.



By fall 2020 we decided to completely change our approach to sales and focusing on a direct-to-consumers strategy.
This decision came from our reflection on the contemporary state of Fashion, our impact on the Planet and the relationship with our Clients.
The concept of “seasons” felt more and more old and out of synch with the real needs of our customers and to the necessity of reducing wastes and short-lived products.
We believe in ideas, materials, prints whose purpose is to live more than a few months.
REmixing old concepts with new ideas
REusing disregarded materials and giving them new life 
REthinking our products to give them longer life and multiple purposes
This is the way we want to work.
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